The Masks of Prof. Agostino Dessi


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For the first time, Professor Dessì’s amazing masks are brought together in one remarkable collection, plus crafters can learn ‘the Art of the Mask’.

Professor Agostino Dessì has hand-made over 30,000 masks during his formidible career, each one carefully constructed in papier mâché and delicately decorated to perfection.

In a beautiful display of Prof. Dessì's work, this fascinating book brings together a handpicked selection of over 140 masks in luscious full-colour photography, including fantastical masks, Commedia dell'Arte characters, and portraits of his beloved daughter, Alice.

A mask maker for over 30 years, Prof. Dessì lives and works in Florence. In 'The Man behind the Masks', you can read about the Sardinian-born artist's background, when and where his inspiration first originated and how his love for the world of masks has developed over the years. 'A History of the Mask' follows, outlining how masks have been used on a global scale for thousands of years, including the significance of the Venice Carnival.

Prof. Dessì even reveals the secrets of the mask making process so you can create your own works of art.

Published by B Dutton Publishing.

The Masks of Prof. Agostino Dessi
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