SK Fondant Icing 500g



Use Fondant Icing for traditional teatime treats such as fondant fancies and chocolate centres and sugar mice. You can mix your favourite flavouring with the fondant to create a wide range of delicious treats.

To make Fondant Fancies

Simply cut small shapes from a large slab of sponge (the cake can be cut and sandwiched with jam and/or buttercream if you wish).

Place the shapes on a cooling rack and pour the fondant over, using a small knife to encourage the fondant over the sides and to fill in any gaps. Tapping the cooling rack will also encourage the flow of fondant.

Leave until set, then gently trim the excess fondant away and place the cakes on a piece of waxed paper. Use the Fondant to pipe shells around the base and decorate using nos. 1 and 2 piping tubes.

Fondant Icing gives the traditional shine associated with fondant fancies. The unopened pack of fondant has a shelf life of up to 2 years.

SK Fondant Icing 500g
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