BeaterBlade for a Kenwood 4.6L, CDV-5


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Untitled Document Attaches to all Cuisinart, Viking & Kenwood 5-quart mixers. Not for use with Kenwood KMIX stand mixers.

Mixing cake batters, cookie dough and icing can be a time consuming and messy affair involving a lot of scraping excess mixture from the sides and bottom of the bowl. The BeaterBlade® uses a patented 'wing system' to continuously beat, scrape, fold and mix ingredients for KitchenAid® and Kenwood® stand mixers, making it one of the most helpful tools in the kitchen today.

The BeaterBlade® virtually eliminates hand scraping and food build up in your mixing bowl and reduces the mixing time by up to 50%! What's more, when mixing is complete the BeaterBlade® doubles as a spatula.

∙ Efficient and effortless.
∙ Unique patented 'wing system design'
∙ Scrapes the dimple at the bottom of the bowl
∙ No need to stop the motor to scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula
∙ Incorporates ingredients 100% for the perfect consistency every time
∙ Dishwasher safe, place on rung on top rack.

The BeaterBlade® is perfect for:

∙ Quick breads
∙ Cheesecakes
∙ Cookies
∙ Cakes
∙ Flavoured butters
∙ Mashed potato
∙ Frostings and more.

BeaterBlade for a Kenwood 4.6L,  CDV-5
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