Mastrad Crème Brûlée Gift Set


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Make homemade crèmes brûlées for friends and family with this lovely gift set containing a torch, four ceramic oval ramekins and a recipe book. The torch has an adjustable flame and can also be used to caramelize sugar on fruit tarts and meringues, roast bell peppers, melt cheese on onion soup and brown gratins. Electric ignition, works with gas lighter fuel. As well as crème brûlée, the ramekins can be used to present sweet or savoury dishes for starters or desserts. This set would make a great gift for a food fan!

Torch: 15.8cm x 7.2cm; ramekins: 13.5cm x 2.5cm x 8.5cm.
Mastrad Crème Brûlée Gift Set
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