SK Sugarpaste Bridal White 1kg



Squires Kitchen ready-to-roll Fairtrade Sugarpaste is the professionals' choice for a highly polished, soft and silky finish and the very first sugarpaste in the UK to be Fairtrade-certified. Roll out for a flawless covering for cakes of all shapes and sizes, use with cutters to decorate biscuits and cupcakes or make simple sugar models such as roses and bows.

Squires Kitchen Fairtrade Sugarpaste is made using cane sugar grown by smallholder farmers in a number of countries and has a natural vanilla flavour for superior taste. This premium-quality rolled fondant is ready to use and available in a wide range of beautiful colours, including timeless classics Bridal White and Vintage Ivory.

Developed by the experts at Squires Kitchen in the UK and thoroughly tested by professional cake decorators and tutors, Squires Kitchen ready-to-roll Fairtrade Sugarpaste has been made without compromise to meet the demands of today's professional cake decorator.

As well as being Fairtrade-certified it is also gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegetarians.


Questions and answers

How can I stop my sugarpaste from sticking to my work surface?

To stop sugarpaste from sticking to your work surface simply roll out the sugarpaste on a thin dusting of icing sugar, as Squires Kitchen ready-to-roll sugarpaste is a premium sugarpaste you will only need a small amount of icing sugar.

SK Sugarpaste is a little firmer than I'm used to working with – what can I do?

Squires Kitchen ready-to-roll Sugarpaste is a little firmer than some softer sugarpastes, to make it easier to work with simply knead for a few minutes into a smooth, pliable consistency.

Can I freeze Squires Kitchen ready-to-roll Sugarpaste?

Yes, to freeze SK Sugarpaste seal it in a food-grade polythene bag then place in an airtight container. To defrost, leave to thaw thoroughly at room temperature in the sealed bag, when the sugarpaste has thoroughly defrosted knead until the paste is pliable then use as normal. As long as it has been sealed properly Squires Kitchen ready-to-roll Sugarpaste will keep in the freezer for up to three months.

SK Sugarpaste Bridal White 1kg
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