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10 Simple Steps for Piping Royal Icing Flowers

Posted February 9, 2016 by Ceri DD Griffiths


Royal icing flowers are great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and desserts – once they’re piped just pop them on for an easy floral finish! Expert tutor, Ceri DD Griffiths, explains how to create beautiful blossoms in just 10 simple steps.


  1. Make up some of the royal icing to firm-peak consistency following the instructions on the packet.
  2. Fit a silicone piping bag with a no. 56 petal nozzle (or a larger petal nozzle for bigger flowers). Colour the royal icing with your chosen liquid food colour then fill the bag to 2/3 full with the royal icing.
  3. Attach a square of wax paper to the head of a flower nail using a small touch of royal icing.
  4. Holding the flower nail between your thumb and index finger, roll the nail in an anticlockwise direction (or clockwise if you are left-handed). At the same time pipe a small arch with the petal nozzle to create an individual petal, ensuring that you start and finish in the centre of the nail. Keep the arch narrow: there should be no gap in the centre of the petal.
  5. Continue to pipe the petals round in a circle from the same central point. It is important to stop between each petal as this will give your final flower more definition.
  6. When you pipe the fifth and final petal, finish it by lifting the piping nozzle directly upward then position the edge of the last petal against the first using a dry paintbrush.
  7. Whilst the blossom is still wet, tidy up the centre with a dry paintbrush. Lift the square of wax paper off the head of the flower nail and set it aside to allow the flower to dry.
  8. Make up a small amount of soft-peak royal icing and colour it using Daffodil liquid food colour. Fit a piping bag with a no. 1 nozzle and fill it 2/3 full with yellow royal icing.
  9. Pipe a small bulb in the centre of the flower. If the nozzle leaves a peak of icing, touch the centre down with a damp paintbrush.
  10. Leave the blossom to dry completely before removing it from the wax paper square.
Master the art

If you would like to find out how to make a whole range of flowers from royal icing, Ceri DD Griffiths’ Squires Kitchen’s Guide to Making Iced Flowers and More Iced Flowers are great reference guides.

Looking for a gift? The Pipe & Decorate Iced Flowers Kit is the ideal starter set for beginners as it contains everything you need to create pretty piped flowers.

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