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6 Must-Have Skills for Summer

Posted June 26, 2017 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Now the warm weather has arrived it is officially summer! Inside the latest issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft there are plenty of skills to practice in the long evenings and on days off - so which will you start with?
1. Animal modelling

Create a playful lion and his cubs in Vicky Turner’s step-by-step project. Vicky shows you how to use paste food colours to achieve the perfect shade and how to build up simple shapes of sugar modelling paste to create these cute characters.

2. Standing figures

Or take your modelling skills to the next level with our Queen of the Kitchen project from the master of modelling himself, Carlos Lischetti. This proud cake decorator is a great cake topper for anyone who loves to bake.

3. Painting

Learn how to paint these dainty flowers using dust food colours and cocoa butter with help from Emily Hankins’ tutorial. Or, to be taught by the artist herself, book your place on Emily’s Dotty Floral Painted Cake course at Squires Kitchen International School in Farnham, Surrey.

4. Airbrushing

Sail away with this maritime wedding cake by Laura Dodimead. In simple steps Laura shows you how easy it is to create this rope textured tier using a rope mould and then how to achieve realistic colouring with an airbrush.

5. Cake carving

Celebrate your barbecue champion with this ultimate burger cake. A brilliant project for beginners, Sherry Hostler takes you through how to carve the cakes then finish the look with simple sugar details.

6. Sugar blooms

Develop your sugar flower making skills with Elena Wilkinson’s peony, pinks and scabious project. Use Elena’s instructions to practice making individual wired petals using Sugar Florist Paste then texture them with a petal veiner and finish them with dust food colours. Elena is now teaching her skills and brilliant flower-making techniques at Squires Kitchen International School. Take a look at her next course coming soon.

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