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6 Ways to Make it Metallic

Posted July 14, 2018 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Whether it’s a subtle sheen or all-out glitz and glamour, metallic finishes will never go out of style. All six of these cakes use fully edible products to create their metallic effects.

A Lustrous Finish
Cake by Helen Mansey

Brushed over the surface of cakes and sugar work, SK Lustre Dusts create velvety sheen which is subtle and sophisticated.

Get the look: use Edible Metallic Lustre Dusts or Bridal Satins and add sheen with Gildesol.

Perfect Painting
Cake by Trudy Mitchell

Create an easy edible paint by mixing metallic lustre dust food colours with a clear alcohol that’s safe for consumption, such as vodka or gin.

Get the look: mix with SK Confectioners Glaze for a glossy finish and use a quality food grade paint brush. Give the cake flourish with rococo moulds.

A New Leaf

Edible gold and silver leaf add a touch of luxury to cakes and desserts. Use it to gild individual elements for a Rococo flourish or take it to the next level by covering entire tiers.

Get the look: use gold & silver leaf flakes or transfers.

Full Moon
Cake by Vicky Turner

Seeing is believing with Moon Beam dusts! In the pot they look practically white but, brush them over coloured sugar or chocolate work and they become iridescent, making them perfect for beetles, butterflies, fairy wings and more.

Get the look: use Moon Beams on dark sugarpaste and add brilliance with Gildesol.

Shimmering Sequins
Cake by Michelle Walker

Make your own edible sequins by mixing edible metallic dust food colours with melted gelatine. Pour the liquid over a food-grade acetate sheet, allow it to set then peel it away and cut out your chosen sequin shapes.

Get the look: use Edible Metallic Lustre Dusts with melted gelatine and food-grade acetate.

Gold Gradients
Cake by Emily Hankins

Use Edible Metallic Paint to create a gold ombré effect. It’s so easy to do, just shake the bottle well and use it as you would any other airbrush colour, making sure you clear everything out with Airbrush Cleaner when you’re done.

Get the look: use metallic paints and a high powered airbrush.