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7 Steps for Showstopper Bakes

Posted September 14, 2016 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Create showstoppers to knock the socks off the Bake Off judges with these top tips from the latest issue of popular bimonthly magazine, Cakes & Sugarcraft.
1. Colour it in
Carlos Lischetti basic sugar modelling proportions guide for a person

Perfect for 50s-themed parties and rockabilly weddings, these tattoo-inspired biscuits are decorated using food colour pens, making it quick and easy to achieve vibrant colours and detailed finishes. To make these eye-catching treats, all you need to do is transfer the template onto a biscuit covered in sugarpaste using a scribing tool, draw the outlines and get colouring. Simple!

2. Keep it real
Carlos Lischetti modelling arms and legs in sugar

Regular contributor Elena Wilkinson reveals how she won first prize in the floral category at the Squires Kitchen Exhibition for three years running: “I always try to copy real flowers… Use them as a model to work from and don’t just look at them; take the real flowers apart to study the shape, thickness and movement of the petals and leaves.”

3. Be prepared
Carlos Lischetti stylizing sugar model figures

These free-standing golden lattices on the front cover cake are constructed in advance using cake dummies as a support. Made from strips of Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) and airbrushed with a solution of gold lustre dust and clear alcohol, they are surprisingly sturdy. Decorate with delicate hydrangea bracts for an elegant and romantic design perfect for a garden wedding.

4. Do some modelling
Carlos Lischetti modelling babies and children out of sugar

Sugar modelling paste provides the perfect solution for personalising a handmade cake for the recipient. The golf bag and buggy on this themed cake are both made using modelling paste, which is specially formulated to be stronger than sugarpaste. It’s non-sticky and dries firm, making it ideal to use for making cake decorations which hold their shape, dry hard and keep intricate detail.

5. Make it modern
Carlos Lischetti modelling older characters out of sugar

Bring wedding cake designs up to date by using contemporary colourways. To create a marbled covering, add varying amounts of black paste food colour to white sugarpaste and roll the different shades into long, thin strands, then twist and lightly knead them together. Team with copper paint made with lustre dust food colour and add Flexi-Ice hexagons for a stylish finish.

6. Learn from the best
Carlos Lischetti creating expressions on sugar models

In the latest instalment of his Ultimate Baking series, Crème de la Crème champion Mark Tilling reveals how to make the perfect entremets, a layered dessert meaning ‘between courses’. “Make sure that the layering is flat and centred correctly. Also, the completed dessert needs to be well frozen before it is sprayed with cocoa butter or covered with a high-gloss glaze.”

7. Flower paste is your friend
Carlos Lischetti how to attach ears to your sugar model

Flower paste isn’t just for petals and leaves: its strength and ability to be rolled paper-thin make it perfect for side designs. The repeated pattern wave pattern on this Noah’s Ark cake as well as the animals and lettering are all made using flower paste for a superfine, professional finish.

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