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7 ways SFP can help create stunning cakes

Posted June 6, 2018 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Of course, we can’t skip over how brilliant this ultra-fine flower paste is for crafting your own realistic sugar flowers and leaves. Ready to use straight from the pack, SFP can be rolled paper-thin and gives a perfectly smooth finish. However, here’s six more ways this high quality paste can help your sugarcraft.
1. Strong Structures

SFP dries super strong, making it perfectly suited for making plaques, buildings and other structures which need to hold their shape or support weight.

2. Flowing Fabric

SFP can be rolled exceptionally fine without breaking and will then hold its shape, making it ideal for fabric details such as drapes and bows. It also works really well for dressing modelled figures.

3. Frills and Ruffles

SFP’s pliable formula means you can make delicate frills and ruffles without worrying about cracking or breaking. Simply run a ball tool over the edge of a strip or cut-out until you’re happy with the frill.

4. Mix and Model

Did you know you can mix SFP with the same quantity of sugarpaste to make modelling paste? It’s supple enough to reposition while you create your figure or object, but will then dry firm overnight.

5. Detailed Moulds

It can sometimes be tricky to get sugarpaste out of intricately shaped moulds. This is where SFP really comes in handy as it will hold all the finer elements of the design and is easy to remove without warping.

6. Neater Cuts

Adding letters, numbers or other small cut-outs to a cake? Using Tappits? SFP’s fine and flexible structure means it can be rolled into a thin sheet and will cut with a clean line so your work looks professional and polished.

About SFP

Sugar Florist Paste is ultra-fine and pliable so you can make your sugar flowers and foliage as beautiful as the real thing. Available in 27 floral-inspired colours, Squires Kitchen's flower modelling paste (also known as gum paste) can be used to great effect with cutters, moulds, leaf and petal veiners and embossers.