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A Cake Fit for Royalty

Posted April 27, 2018 by Squires Kitchen Shop


What happens when 15 top cake designers and sugarcrafters get together to create a spectacular wedding cake to honour this year’s royal wedding?

When organiser, Fran Willoughby, began putting together the collaboration back in February she asked the participants to submit suggestions for the overall design. Elements from each of the designs were then combined to create the final concept for the cake.

The eight tiers would be decorated with piping, painting and sugar flowers, including Lily of the Valley, a traditional bloom for royal weddings, and peonies, as they’re rumoured to be one of Meghan’s favourites. The aim was to create a spectacular royal wedding cake featuring traditional elements but with a modern slant.

Naked Celebration cake footer image

The day before the live collaboration opened the group worked from 2:30pm until 6pm to cover all the cake dummies, ready for the decoration to begin in earnest on the Saturday morning. Throughout the weekend there were six to eight people working on the cake at any given time, focusing on different aspects according to their individual skills and specialisms. Despite having a design in mind, they were open-minded to the outcome and wanted the cake to evolve organically, with spontaneous additions and alterations throughout the process.

Visitors loved watching the cake come to life and came back to check on progress throughout the weekend. The collaboration offered a fantastic opportunity to not only watch the masters at work, but also to sit with them, have a chat and pick up some insider tips and tricks.

Naked Celebration cake footer image

Fran thoroughly enjoyed the experience, saying ‘as cake decorating is often a very solitary profession, what was so lovely was to sit and work with other cake designers – to enjoy their company, watch how they do things and interact during the creative process. As there are really no rules in cake decorating it’s always really interesting to see how others work and watch their techniques.’

The 1.3m (4¼’) tall cake was completed at 3pm on the Sunday afternoon, much to everyone’s relief as it had seemed like a mammoth task for such a short space of time. Everyone really pulled together and created a stunning wedding cake which would certainly be fit for royalty.

Naked Celebration cake footer image
Naked Celebration cake footer image

Squires Kitchen would like to say a huge thank you to all the participants: Alan Dunn, Petya Schmarova, Alpa Boll, Emily Hankins, Liz Chatfield, Michelle Walker, Natalie Porter, Dawn McCabe, Rebecca Allen-Pugh, Toyin Opebiyi, Hayley Jones, Graziella Augier, Chelsea Prior and Sophie Taylor, and especially to Fran for coordinating the collaboration.

Naked Celebration cake footer image

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