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Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Posted July 2, 2019 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Give your cake designs wings with a little help from Squires Kitchen.
Wafer Paper Butterflies
trimming cake crusts

Edible wafer paper is great for creating delicate wings. Brush white wafer paper with dust food colour or use wafer paper printed with Natasha Collins’ stunning floral designs.

Bee Moulds
covering a fruit cake

Create birds and bees in minutes using the new range of Great Impressions moulds. Delivering detailed shapes time after time, simply push your chosen modelling medium into the silicone mould then flex or tap it to release the decoration.

Butterfly Cutters
painted cake by Emily Hankins

Bake and decorate beautiful butterflies with this butterfly cutter. Use this high-quality stainless steel cutter to give flight to treats!

Stylish Cupcakes
blue dust food colour

Dress up your cupcakes with the stylish range of butterfly cupcake cases. Available in a variety of contemporary colours, each pack comes with the reverse colour-way for stunning cupcake displays.

Honeycomb Lace
Squires Kitchen Silver Metallic Lustre Dust Food Colour

Use white, gold, red or black Flexi-Ice in the Honeycomb Flexi-Ice Mat to craft a flexible pattern for your cake inspired by nature’s engineers.

Elegant Bird Stencils
spreading Flexi-Ice edible lace on a mould

Create an elegant bird to top your cakes, cupcakes and cookies using this dove stencil and a little royal icing, food colour, edible paint, airbrush colour or icing sugar.