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Designer Cake Decorating - Meet the Authors

Posted March 16, 2019 by Squires Kitchen Shop


With the book about to launch, the authors of Designer Cake Decorating reveal how they developed their signature styles, why this is an essential guide for contemporary cake artists and which techniques they think readers should try first.
Zoë Clark
Cake by Zoë Clark

“My style developed over the first few years of making cakes, after discovering what I liked doing the best and what kind of inspiration I was drawn to when creating my designs. As trends and fashion change, and new techniques come forward, these do of course influence my work so my style is constantly evolving.”

Natasha Collins
Cake by Natasha Collins

Designer Cake Decorating is full of up-to-date techniques from the most amazing sugar artists, who are at the top of their games in their fields. It will inspire cake artists not just to discover new techniques, but then to find their own way of working.”

Emily Hankins
Cake by Emily Hankins

“It is super important for all cake artists to have a range of techniques in their arsenal even if they are not things they use in their day-to-day work. Having a book with a huge range of inspirational tips and tricks will open creative doors and let designers play with new techniques, allowing them to put their own spin on them.”

Rachel Hanna
Cake by Rachel Hanna

“This really is an essential book for modern cake artists as it covers everything from the very basic techniques to experimenting with different colours, mediums, flowers, shapes and textures. By mastering a wide range of decorative techniques, people can then go on to apply them to their own signature styles in the future.”

Emma Ivane
Cake by Emma Ivane

“My love of cake art started from the idea of making edible art. My grandfather is an artist and an architect and he has been teaching me art and design since I was five years old. It has had a huge impact on how I choose the colours and the composition of the decoration. The graphic style comes from growing up surrounded by architecture and Scandinavian art.”

Helen Mansey
Cake by Helen Mansey

“My advice would be to learn how to create a sharp-edged cake first as this is the basis for a flawless blank canvas. An immaculate base layer of ganache is the key to creating impressive sharp-edged cakes so I’ve explained how to achieve this in the book, along with plenty of step-by-step photographs. Once you have mastered this technique, your cakes will look much more professional.”

Pamela McCaffrey
Cake by Pamela McCaffrey

“My signature style is a reflection of my general aesthetic tastes, which are clean and precise but still soft and pretty. As such it was never a conscious direction I went in but just what came naturally. Hopefully this means it is adaptable to different situations while still feeling coherent and unforced.”

Dominique Pickering
Cake by Dominique Pickering

“My signature style has developed over the past year; I feel it evolves each year when working on new wedding cake collections in new colourways and using new techniques. I do try and keep true to my style which I think is clean lines, beautiful sugar flowers and a modern finish.”

Michelle Walker
Cake by Michelle Walker

“I’m always trying to think of new techniques and ideas, some which work like the pressed pansies and others which don’t and never make it to a finished cake. I love the process of making sugar flowers – it still makes me smile to see a flower come to life with the application of coloured dusts. I try to include them in my designs as much as possible.”

Makiko Searle
Cake by Makiko Searle

“The recipe I have chosen to share in Designer Cake Decorating is one I learnt while working as a pastry chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London. I think it’s the best recipe I’ve ever come across. Chocolate and banana is an unbeatable, classic combination and a culinary match made in food heaven.”

Trudy Mitchell
Cake by Trudy Mitchell

“When I get a new book, I tend to go for the design that instantly makes me go, ‘WOW’! It’s always good to try something new or a technique that has always been a challenge for you. Out of my cake designs, you could go for the effective way to apply sugarpaste stripes, or maybe find out how to recreate macramé in sugar!”

Vicky Teather
Cake by Vicky Teather

“I had spent a few years creating cakes for customers before I found my style. It was a case of realising that I enjoyed creating certain cakes over others. It's great to see a varied cast of cake decorators all collaborating in a single book. You'll learn a variety of skills and techniques as we all have our own style and methods.”

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Designer Cake Decorating book

“I know as a cake artist that I’ve often looked at cakes and wondered, ‘How did they do that?’. This book will explain, in simple step-by-step guides how you can achieve the same effects without having to spend hours puzzling over failed attempts.” – Michelle Walker. Take a look inside the book!