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Do More with Meringue

Posted July 27, 2018 by Squires Kitchen Shop
Our brilliant new range of mixes allows you to make meringues and Pavlovas so quickly and easily – just add water, whisk, pipe and bake! With five natural flavours on offer, the possibilities are endless. Check out our ideas for how to bake, decorate and serve delicious creations.


Once you’ve whipped it up, transfer your coffee meringue mix to a piping bag fitted with a closed star piping nozzle. Starting in the middle and working out, pipe the mix into individual roses. Serve your coffee roses with a cup of the good stuff and you’ll be all set for the afternoon.


For decadent dessert tables and afternoon tea spreads, sandwich two vanilla meringues together with buttercream, fresh cream or even ganache. Add some extra opulence with edible metallic sparkles or a flake of edible gold leaf to really impress your guests.


Flavoured with real fruit, the strawberry and raspberry meringue mixes have a gorgeous, delicate pink colour. Use a piping bag and open star nozzle to pipe cute meringue kisses. Sandwich the kisses together and serve them with juicy fresh berries – just the thing for summery celebrations.


Make irresistibly light meringues with the lemon meringue mix. Put your own spin on lemon meringue pie by serving them with zesty lemon curd or sprinkle them over ice creams and sorbets for a refreshing dessert.


Whether you choose to pipe your ring for a polished finish, or simply spoon it into shape, you can now put an impressive dinner party dessert together in next-to-no-time with this pavlova mix. Top your Pavlova with ripe berries in summer or get creative with poached pears, figs and citrus fruits in the colder months.