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Doodle Cakes

Posted June 29, 2019 by Karen Taylor


Children love colouring so why not get them involved in sugarcraft by inviting them to colour in a celebration cake. Here’s a great project by Karen Taylor that you can follow to create your own doodle cake.
You'll need:

Doodle Cake

Covering the cakes and board
  1. Position the cakes on the corresponding-sized cake cards. Spread a layer of buttercream over the surface of all three cakes and place them in the fridge to chill for 15 minutes before covering.
  2. Roll out 1kg (2lb 3¼oz) of Bridal White sugarpaste to a 6mm (¼”) thickness using a non-stick rolling pin and lay it over the 20.5cm (8”) cake. Use cake smoothers to give a neat finish and trim away any excess paste using a small palette knife. Before the sugarpaste firms, create sharp edges on the tops of the cakes using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers (see instructions on page 39).
  3. Repeat step 2 to cover the remaining cakes using 650g (1lb 7oz) of Bridal White sugarpaste for the 15cm (6”) cake and 450g (1lb) of Bridal White sugarpaste for the 10cm (4”) cake.
  4. Moisten the 25.5cm (10”) cake drum with a little cooled, boiled water and roll out 300g (10½oz) of Bridal White sugarpaste to a 3mm (¼”) thickness. Lay the sugarpaste over the moistened drum, smooth over the surface of the sugarpaste and trim away any excess. Roll out 20g (¾oz) of White SFP to a 3mm (⅛”) thickness (C). Cut out a rosette shape using the round Garrett frill cutter (D) and mark the centre with the largest circle cutter (E). Use a blade tool to make indentations between each of the individual scallops (F) then leave the rosette to firm for a few hours. Get the children involved in sugarcraft this summer holiday by inviting them to colour in a cake. Karen’s children love colouring so this was the ideal project for them.
  5. Knead the White SFP into 400g (14oz) of Bridal White sugarpaste. Roll out the paste to a 2mm (1/16”) thickness and cut out three 10cm (4”) wide strips of paste which are 37cm, 53cm and 72cm (14½”, 20⅞” and 28⅜”) long.
  6. Brush the sides of the 20.5cm (8”) cake with cooled, boiled water and wrap the 72cm (28⅜”) long strip around it. Repeat to attach the remaining strips around the other two cake tiers. Set the cakes and board aside to firm overnight.

Doodle Cake

Decorating the cake
  1. Draw your chosen design freehand on the cake using a Black food colour pen then set it aside until the ink has dried. You may want to sketch the pictures out on some paper first to practise.
  2. Use food colour pens in a range of colours to colour in the pictures on the cake.

Doodle Cake

Stacking the cakes
  1. Insert four evenly spaced cake dowels into the 20.5cm and 15cm (8” and 6”) cakes. Mark each dowel level with the icing, remove and cut to size before inserting back into the cakes.
  2. Spread a little royal icing over the dowelled area on each cake then stack the tiers on top of each other.
  3. Fill a sugar shaper fitted with the largest circle disc with Glamour Red sugarpaste. Extrude a long strip of paste and wrap Extrude a long strip of paste and wrap a section around the bottom of each tier, using a little edible glue to secure.

To finish

Wrap the Sunshine Yellow ribbon around the edge of the cake drum and fix it in place using a non-toxic glue stick, being careful not to come in contact with the paste.

More inspiration
Doodle Cake

This fun doodle cake is so simple to achieve and looks great! Don't forget to share pictures of your own doodle creations via our social media channels, we can't wait to see them!