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Dotty Dog Modelling Tutorial

Posted January 18, 2019 by Jan Clement-May


Follow these simple steps to make your own lovable dog using SK Sugar Dough. Modelling animals is also a great activity for a children’s party. Instead of a large birthday cake, bake a batch of cupcakes or cookies and let the children create their own edible decorations.

You will need


1. Divide 28g (1oz) of White Sugar Dough as follows: 4 x 3g for the legs, 8g for the head, 5g for the body, 2 x 1g for the ears, 1g for the tail and two tiny eyes.

2. Shape the body and each of the legs into cone shapes. Make three marks down the front of each leg with the back of a small knife for the toes. Place the two back legs with the points together and the toes pointing outwards and secure the body on top with edible glue. Position the two front legs either side of the neck so the paws are together and attach to the body.

3. Roll the tail into a small sausage, then cut one end at an angle and secure to the back of the body with edible glue. Bend the tail slightly so it sits over the dog’s back.

4. Roll 1g of Red Sugar Dough into a ball, then flatten the ball between your thumb and finger to form a disc. Attach to the top of the body and over the front legs with edible glue to form a collar.

5. Shape the head into a rounded pear shape and gently flatten the point with your finger. For the mouth, push the end of a drinking straw into the wide end of the head at a 45° angle then push a piece of dried spaghetti into either end to make dimples. Secure the head over the red disc with edible glue.

6. Shape each of the ears into cones and then flatten them down. Attach the ears to the top of the head and rest the ends on top of the back feet, so the ears sit backwards as if they are blowing in the wind.

7. Flatten two tiny balls of White Sugar Dough for the eyes and attach to the head with a little edible glue. Push the tip of a Black food colour pen into each of the eyes, draw on two small eyebrows above the eyes and then draw spots randomly all over the body.

8. For the nose, roll 1g of Black Sugar Dough into an oval and secure to the front of the head with edible glue.