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Fresh Design: 8 Key Wedding Cake Trends

Posted October 7, 2016 by Squires Kitchen Shop


From snow whites to rich jewel tones, we’ve selected the best new design trends you can expect to see this season and beyond.
1. Jewel Tones

Cake by Cake Ink

Be inspired by the rich tones of gemstones and precious metals: offset deep reds, pinks, purples and blues with light touches of white and gold to create a softer, romantic look.

2. Sculptural

Cake by Peboryon (Toby Lowe Photography)

Add texture and interest to cake décor with papercraft effects, folds, layers, twirls, ruffles and quilling. Opt for sugar florist paste, which can be rolled thinly and holds its shape.

3. Delicate Watercolours

Cake by Emily Hankins Cakes

Paint floral patterns or simple washes with barely-there colour for a dreamy, romantic feel. Delicate decorations such as sugar flowers and feathers in pastel tones work well with this art-inspired look.

4. Moulded

Cake by Daisy, Molly and Me (Martin Dabek Photography)

Whether you’re looking for regal rococo or robins, use silicone moulds and sugar modelling paste for perfectly formed featured decorations, frames and borders.

5. Sweet Delights

Cake by Dollybird Bakes

Individual portions and colourful designs featuring macaroons, meringues, doughnuts, dripping sauce and more make irresistibly delicious desserts for a light-hearted reception.

6. Snowfall

Cake by Dollybird Bakes

Make the most of marrying in the winter season by adding festive features to all-white colour schemes such as cut-out snowflakes, reindeer and frosty touches of silver or gold.

7. Organic Florals

Cake by Emily Hankins Cakes (Liberty Pearl Photography)

Pretty flowers and foliage in natural, organic arrangements create a free-spirited feel perfect for celebrations with an outdoor element. Keep the look up to date with plenty of greenery.

8. Back to Nature

Cake by No More Tiers

Use wildlife and the great outdoors as your inspiration by incorporating natural elements in the design such as tree bark effects, painted birds, sugar butterflies and gilded bees.

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