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Homemade Easter Eggs

Posted April 7, 2020 by Squires Kitchen Shop
What would you do if you were in lock-down with two small children, 4 and 6, with Easter looming large? Go to the shops and buy some Easter Eggs? Nah, why not make some yourself!

This week we hear from Katie, who like many of us are at home with the kids and looking for new ways to keep them occupied. This seems like the perfect Easter activity!...

Firstly, we all know what little attention spans kids have, so preparation is key… So, one morning, I got all of my Squires Kitchen dust colours out, along with a couple of pre-mixed cocoa butter colours that had been used a couple of weeks previously. And I had each child choose which colours they wanted on their Easter Eggs. I did this individually to be sure there was no copying, as my youngest currently likes to follow her older sister in every decision. Next, I showed them some different designs that I knew we could recreate at home without any fancy equipment. Once they had decided, I cleaned the Egg moulds ready for the first colour to be applied, as their designs required layering.


I melted the cocoa butter colours/mixed the SK dust colours with melted cocoa butter and got the sponges ready. You can use any of the SK dust colours as they are all fat soluble.The excitement that the girls were going to make their own eggs was palpable in the kitchen.


They started with their first colour, dabbing the sponge into their moulds and then left them to dry. Half an hour later, I got them back to fill in the rest of the mould with their second choice of colours, this time making sure there were no gaps. We left them to dry overnight before the chocolate work began. I tried out some different techniques on the other moulds to see what worked, including paintbrush strokes, masking tape shapes and my favourite technique, paintbrush flicks.


The next morning, I tempered a large amount of chocolate – we had 12 moulds to fill, as well as some mini egg moulds – and called the girls when I was ready for them. I demonstrated to them how to fill the first mould so they could see what to do and then I let them take on their own moulds, with a little helping hand from me. They absolutely loved doing this bit and eating as much chocolate as they could get their hands on before I stopped them. Once the moulds were full, we put them in the fridge to set quickly, and when they were ready, I teased the egg halves out of the moulds. I wish I got a picture of their faces when their creations came out of the moulds: a look of amazement that they had created beautiful, professional, shiny Easter eggs. They are now wrapped up on a shelf ready for the Easter weekend and I have a feeling there will be more satisfaction and joy when eating them, knowing that they were created by us as a family.