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Kawaii Ghost Cake Topper

Posted October 11, 2018 by Vicky Turner


Dare to be different this Halloween with a frightfully cute kawaii ghost made using simple and effective modelling techniques

You will need

1. Roll 100g (3½oz) of White modelling paste into a teardrop shape. Bend the point to one side then flatten the base. Use a small ball tool to create two indentations for the cheeks. Use the wide end of a Dresden tool to open and shape the mouth.

2. Colour a small piece of White modelling paste with Poppy paste food colour and use it to fill the mouth.

3. Fill the cheeks with small pieces of White modelling paste coloured with Pink paste food colour.

4. To make the fangs, make two very small cones of White modelling paste, trim away the wide end then fix them in place with edible glue.

5. For the arms, shape two pea-sized balls of White modelling paste into teardrops. Fix the wider ends onto either side of the body using edible glue. Roll two very small balls of Black modelling paste into tapered sausages, curve them and attach them above the mouth and cheeks. Set the ghost topper aside for at least 12 hours to firm..

Why not try using the ghost, sweet and pumpkin decorations to top coordinating cupcakes for trick or treaters? Ghosts don't get much sweeter than these spooktacular characters!

Learn how to make the entire cake! You'll find the rest of this project in the October/November 2017 issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine. Want it right now? Easy... download the digital edition and get creating.


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