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Mineral Magic: On-trend Wedding Cake Supplies

Posted May 9, 2017 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Decorate your wedding cake with pastes, sugars and finishing touches inspired by the geological world and hand-picked by the experts at Wedding Cakes magazine.
1. Marbled covering
Marbled covering

Create various shades of grey sugarpaste with Bridal White, Dove Grey and Tuxedo Black Fairtrade Sugarpaste, then roll each colour into a sausage. Gather the rolls and twist them together along their length several times before rolling out the marbled sugarpaste to cover your cake.

2. Flexible geometrics

Use the Geometric Cubes or Geometric Floral Flexi-Ice Mats with Flexi-Ice Instant Mix to produce fabulously flexible sugar designs with a modern aesthetic.

3. Sparkling gems
Sparkling gems

Pour melted Ready-Tempered Isomalt into silicone moulds to make clear crystals in a variety of vibrant colours. Use single gems for a glamourous final touch or build them up to create a stunning geode effect.

4. Gilded tiers
Gilded tiers

Designer Metallic Lustre Dust Food Colours add a stylish sheen to sugar work and can be made into a paint by adding a few drops of clear alcohol, e.g. vodka or gin, then used to cover a whole cake tier.

5. Sharp beginnings
Sharp edges

Achieve a perfectly chiselled look as the starting point of your design. Create sharp, straight edges on sugarpaste-covered cakes with easy-to-use Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers.

6. Luxurious leaves
Gold leaf

Edible Gold or Silver Leaf is a great way to bring a touch of luxury to special cakes and add warmth to marble-inspired designs.

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