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Peeping Bunny

Posted April 7, 2020 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Hop, skip and jump into Easter with this cute Easter Bunny cupcake. Makes 1 bunny cupcake topper. Adjust the ingredient amounts to make how many you want!
You will need:



Preparing the Cupcake
  • Bake a cupcake in the Spring Dotty Green cupcake case.
  • Spoon 1tbsp (15ml) of buttercream into the centre of the cupcake. Place the spatula in the centre of the buttercream and draw it towards the edge of the cupcake case (A).
  • To make the ‘carrot’ top, knead 1/8tsp of CMC into the Zesty Orange sugarpaste. Wrap well and set aside for two hours to activate.
  • Roll out the Zesty Orange paste to a 1cm (3/8") thickness. Place a sheet of cling film on top of the paste and cut out a circle using a round pastry cutter (B).
  • Before removing the cutter, push an extra large ball tool into the centre of the circle and gently push to create a large, shallow well. It should stop 1cm (3/8") from the edge (C).
  • Remove the cutter and dust around the sides and top edges with a little Orange QFC dust colour.

bunnies A,B,Cedit.jpg

Making The Peeping Bunny Topper
  • Roll 10g (1/4oz) of White modelling paste into a ball and then flatten into a mound.
  • Use the dresden tool to mark indents over the surface to simulate fur (D).
  • Roll 17g (>1/2oz) of White modelling paste into a ball. Place the sides of your fingers one third of the way up from the bottom and roll them from side to side to thin the top two thirds of the ball (E).

bunnies D,Eedit.jpg

  • Use your fingers to pinch the wider bottom edge to make two rounded points on opposing sides of the ball (F).
  • Press the dresden tool into the rounded points, three or four times to add grooves (G). Use your fingers to gently press and pull the grooved paste, so that it begins to look like tufts of fur. Use the dresden tool to neaten up and elongate the original lines.

bunnies F,Gedit.jpg

  • For the muzzle, gently pull and tease the paste on the lower side of the face into a mound (H).
  • Press your thumbs into the upper part of the face on either side of the mound to create the beginnings of the eye sockets.
  • Use the dresden tool to mark a 5mm (1/4") vertical line over the centre of the mound. Press the mini scallop tool into the mound on either side of the vertical line to create the mouth. Finish the mouth by pressing the smallest ball tool into the ends of the smile.
  • Colour a small ball of White modelling paste with a little Pink QFC paste.
  • For the nose, shape a very tiny piece of the pink paste into a triangle and secure in place at the top of the vertical line using a little edible glue.

bunnies Hedit.jpg

  • For the eyes, push a small ball tool into the paste, 1.5cm (1/2") apart and just above the nose (I). Push the tool upwards to create an oval shape.
  • Fill the eyes with two small ovoids of Black modelling paste and then add two extremely small balls of White modelling paste to each eye as a highlight.
  • For the ears, divide a 3g (1/4oz) ball of White modelling paste in half. Roll each into a tapered sausage shape, and then press and roll the bulbous cone tool into the cone to flatten and create the inner ear (J). Glue the ears together on top of the head.
  • Press the tip of a fine no. 00 paintbrush onto the felt tip of the Black edible ink pen. Use the paintbrush to fill the mouth and smile lines with the edible ink.

bunnies I,Jedit.jpg

  • Finish the bunny by lightly dusting the cheeks with the Pastel Pink dust colour.
  • Glue the bunny’s body onto the top of the carrot top, and then glue the head on top of the body.
  • For the paws, use the craft knife to cut two shallow lines each into two pea sized balls of White modelling paste. Use a little edible glue to secure the paws in place in front of the body.
  • Attach the carrot top to the cupcake using a little buttercream.