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Raspberry & Rose Pavlova

Posted April 6, 2020 by Squires Kitchen Shop


The combination of tangy raspberries and delicate rose is a favourite amongst pastry chefs. This delicious dessert is easy to make with Squires Kitchen’s Perfect Pavlova Mix; it really is as simple as whisk, pipe and bake.
You will need:
  • SK Perfect Pavlova Mix
  • Rosewater: 1/4tsp
  • Double cream: 450ml (151/4fl oz)
  • Fresh raspberries: 400g (14oz)
  • Raspberry coulis: 100g (3½oz)
  • Shelled pistachios: 50g (1¾oz)
  • Edible rose petals: a handful

Serves 10

Making the Pavlova
  1. Preheat the oven to 100˚C (200˚F/ Gas Mark Low). Line a 35cm x 25cm (133/4" x 94/5") baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Sift the Perfect Pavlova Mix into the bowl of an electric stand mixer. Add 1/4tsp of rosewater and 150ml (5¼fl oz) of water, at room temperature, to the bowl and stir gently to mix.
  3. Using a balloon whisk attachment, whisk the mixture on a high speed for 5–6 minutes until it is glossy, has increased in volume and holds a stiff peak.
  4. Spoon the pavlova mixture into a rough rectangular shape on the lined baking tray, building it up around the edge and creating a slight well in the middle. This doesn’t need to be neat as swirls and peaks will add interest to the finished dessert
  5. Bake the pavlova for one hour and 15 minutes, then set it aside to cool on the tray.
Topping the Pavlova
  1. Pour the double cream into a large bowl and whip using a balloon whisk, either manual or electric, until it has thickened and holds a very soft peak.
  2. Spoon the whipped cream into the well in the centre of the pavlova. Drizzle the raspberry coulis over the cream
  3. Scatter the fresh raspberries over the cream until it is completely covered in an even layer.
  4. De-shell and roughly chop the pistachios, then sprinkle them over the pavlova.
  5. Finally, add some edible rose petals and serve immediately.

Top Tip

  • Once cooled, the Pavlova can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to three days and can be frozen for up to one month.