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Step-by-Step Anemones

Posted August 2, 2018 by Helen Mansey


Anemones are a great choice for wedding and celebration cakes throughout the year, and they’re so simple to make! Follow this free tutorial to create your own cream and navy flowers or have fun experimenting with your own colour combinations.

You will need

1. Cut a 20-gauge white floral wire into thirds and bend a small hook in the end of one piece. Roll a piece of Bluebell SFP into a 1.2cm (½”) ball. Dip the hooked end of a piece of wire in edible glue and wipe off the excess. Insert the straight end of the wire into the ball and pull it through until the hook is embedded in the centre. Shape the ball on the hook, flattening the sides slightly to create an ovoid shape. Set the ovoid aside to firm overnight.

2. Cut a 28-gauge white floral wire into thirds. Lay the stamens over the centre of one wire. Bend the stamens in half over the wire and twist the wire to secure. Use one end of the wire to bind the stamens together. Use pliers to bend a curve in the base of the stamens. Curl the length of the stamens over a small CelStick. Use white floral tape to fix the two bunches of stamens around the centre (A).

3. Mix three parts Bluebell dust food colour with one part Black dust food colour. Mix the dark blue dust with clear alcohol, e.g. vodka or gin, to make a paint. Use a small paintbrush to paint each seedhead (B). Mix a small amount of Leaf Green dust food colour with clear alcohol and use this to paint the stamens. Mix one part Bluebell dust food colour with one part Snowflake lustre dust food colour and ¼ part Black dust food colour. Add clear alcohol to the dust mixture to make a metallic paint and use this to paint the anemone centres.

4. Cut a 28-gauge white floral wire into thirds. Roll a small ball of Cream SFP into a teardrop shape. Dip the end of a wire in edible glue, remove the excess and insert it into the narrow end of the teardrop (C).

5. Use a large CelStick to roll out the paste around the wire thinly (D).

6. Use the smaller anemone petal cutter to cut out a petal, making sure the wire runs through the centre and reaches halfway up the petal’s length (E).

7. Press the petal between the two halves of the 4.6cm (1 7/8”) anemone petal veiner (F). Place the petal on a foam pad and soften the edges with a ball tool.

8. Lay the petal in a dessert spoon and set it aside to firm for 30 minutes (G). Repeat steps 4–8 to make five petals using the 4.2cm (1 5/8”) cutter and five petals using the 4.5cm (1¾”) cutter.

9. Use Nile green floral tape to fix five small petals around the anemone centre. Add a row of five medium petals around the anemone, positioning them over the joins in the previous row (H).

10. Brush the base of the anemone petals with Leaf Green dust food colour.

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