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The Top 5 Sugar Flowers

Posted October 18, 2018 by Squires Kitchen Shop


Sugar flowers have a timeless quality and have been used to decorate cakes for hundreds of years. But what are the most popular contemporary flowers? We found out from sugar flower master, Naomi Yamamoto.
1) Roses

No surprises here! Roses are synonymous with romance so are a mainstay for wedding and celebration cakes. Having been cultivated for many years, there are countless varieties in colour and shape.

2) Peonies

Used to decorate the royal wedding cake earlier this year, the blousy petals and lavish layers of peonies add a textural element to cake designs. They’re only available for a short time each year so they’re a perfect candidate for recreating in sugar.

3) Dahlias

Native to Mexico, their many rows of petals give dahlias a pleasing symmetry. While the flowers can take many shapes, the colours are almost always bold. The larger varieties work well as the focal point of an arrangement.

4) Lilies

Adding a graceful touch to a cake design, lilies have a cool, contemporary feel and a simple construction.

5) Tulips

Synonymous with springtime, tulips are perfect for decorating cakes for Mother’s Day and Easter. There’s lots of scope for creativity with their painterly petals and graceful stems.

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