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Top 8 Wedding Cake Trends for Autumn 2016

Posted June 23, 2016 by Squires Kitchen Shop


From floral wreaths to graphic stripes, we select the trends you can expect to see in the months ahead, as featured in the latest issue of Wedding Cakes magazine.
1. With This Ring
With This Ring themed cake

Cake by Wedding Cakes by Design

With popular wedding trends including hanging garlands, wreath-encircled monograms and floral crowns, cake designs are following suit.

2. Calligraphy
Calligraphy themed cake

Cake by Edible Essence Cake Art

Bring cakes up to date with hand-painted calligraphy. Either use edible paint or mix dust food colour with cocoa butter and allow the paintbrush to flow along the lines to keep letters clean and crisp.

3. Bountiful Buttercream
Bountiful Buttercream themed cake

Cake by Edible Essence Cake Art

Push the boundaries of buttercream with layers, textured coverings and skilled piping. Complement this rustic look with ‘just picked’ blooms.

4. Graphic Stripes
Graphic Stripes themed cake

Cake by Cut Me Off a Slice, photography by Clare Kinchin Photography

Whether they’re vertical, horizontal, or a mix of both, create entrancing stripes with edible paints, layered paste or individual strips for a stand-out design.

5. Drip & Drizzle
Drip & Drizzle themed cake

Cake by The Cocoa Cakery, photography by Simply Lace Photography

Indulge in the latest baking trend by creating an eye-catching drip effect using chocolate ganache, metallic edible paint or pretty watercolour-style food colours.

6. We Become Silhouettes
We Become Silhouettes themed cake

Cake by Candytuft Cakes by Kathryn

Personalise your cake design with an outline of you and your beloved, or even your favourite skyline. Use sugar flower paste for a more defined look.

7. Maximalist
Maximalist themed cake

Cake by Sweet Hollywood

A step away from minimalism means high-impact trends: more is more. Think tall tiers and plenty of décor, all with a luxurious finish.

8. In the Navy
In the Navy themed cake

Cake by Betty's Bakery

Anchors away! Whether you’re keeping it simple or going full-on nautical, this elegant colour looks fantastic contrasted against a white background.

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